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The product is reputable, reliable and well established. Since 1967, Harvey Products has been manufacturing steel roofing tiles and accessories. The company is a market leader in the provision of quality roof tiles and accessories.

Harvey Products takes pride in providing a professional service with honesty and integrity, in the supply of quality roofing tiles and accessories second to none in Zambia.

Harveytiles have evolved into one of the sturdiest and most attractive roofing systems available on the market. With a strict code of professionalism, quality and service in place, the company has an excellent reputation with builders and home owners alike. Harvey products are sold to customers at competitive rates.

  • Designed and manufactured for strength
  • Durable and affordable
  • 20 year warranty on tiles

Each steel based Harveytile is designed and manufactured for strength and there is a range of colours available. Standard colours are burgundy, terracotta and dark green. Harvey Products will work out tile quantities for clients from approved architectural scaled drawings

Our Products


Unique glamour that goes far beyond the realms of creativity, in a simple yet breath-takingly fashionable appearance.


The impressionable charm, brought to life with curves that take expression to the limit of natural beauty.


Harveytile Accessories include, Angle ridge, Hip Cap, Sidewall Flashing, Cover Flashing, Nails etc.

Quality Stamp

Every roofing tile is manufactured to the most stringent quality standards.

We press the steel to the finest tolerances, coat the tile with the finest paints and binding materials, cover the tile with only the best surfaces and finally finish the tiles with the best looks

Happy Clients

Once complete, we take care to quality check every tile so as to ensure that it meets our exacting quality standards. This means that you can rest assured that if the tile carries the Harvey Quality Stamp, that it is a Harveytile manufactured to the most highest standards.

If it doesn’t say Harveytile, it’s not a Harveytile… Look for the Harveytile Quality Stamp!