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Hip Cap

580mm x 75mm x 125mm

Cover Flashing

1720mm x 25mm x 240mm

Angle Ridge

1720mm x 95mm x 125mm

Bargeboard Cover – Left

1550mm x 100mm x 130mm

Bargeboard Cover – Right

1550mm x 100mm x 130mm

Side Wall Flashing – Left

1550mm x 56mm x 370mm

Side Wall Flashing – Right

1550mm x 56mm x 370mm

Valley Gutter

2,000mm x 80mm x 100mm

Pure Acrylic Roof Paint

Available in 20 litres and 1 Litre


Galvanised Roofing Nails

Serrated for secure nailing

Harvey Solar Brackets

The application of solar options will become an integrated part of the African energy revolution.


Harvey Tile Products