We do not offer installation services

A list of carpenters is available in our offices. We will not be held liable for any damage or poor workmanship whatsoever caused by the carpenters. We do not guarantee any of their work. Customers are responsible for checking on carpenter’s work.

Harvey Tiles Installers

Lusaka Installers

NameContact Number
Henry Tembo 0977 334405
Kabwe Evaristo 0977 892773
Chanda Abraham 0977 993150
Chuulu George 0977 423673
Nick 0979 870410
Kipiji Mathias 0955 443236
Emmanuel 0977 114311
Eric Marowa 0978 904188
Tkunda Madzimbo 0976 862789
Daka Jnr. 0977 495144
Joseph Zulu 0977 863264
Kezias Musonda 0972 408 536
George Kapembwa 0977 768313
Mudenda 0977 689157
Masinga 0977 152520

Kitwe Installers

Shamboko Daniel 0966 723 032
Chisala Victor0977 626 926
Mkandawire Patson 0963 610 809
Silavw Lucky 0977 774 249
Chola Gilbert0965 523 929
Daka Tobias  0969 369 382
Manyungu Gift 0964 039 753
Kalombe 0965 440 042
Chikamba Lewis 0967 768 929
Amon0960 618 163
Newton 0979 298 301
Mushingwa Obed 0969 900 944
Makangwa Henry 0963 583 746

Our Products

What we offer


Unique glamour that goes far beyond the realms of creativity, in a simple yet breath-takingly fashionable appearance.


The impressionable charm, brought to life with curves that take expression to the limit of natural beauty.


Harveytile Accessories include, Angle ridge, Hip Cap, Sidewall Flashing, Cover Flashing, Nails etc.

Quality Stamp

Every roofing tile is manufactured to the most stringent quality standards.

We press the steel to the finest tolerances, coat the tile with the finest paints and binding materials, cover the tile with only the best surfaces and finally finish the tiles with the best looks

Happy Clients

Once complete, we take care to quality check every tile so as to ensure that it meets our exacting quality standards. This means that you can rest assured that if the tile carries the Harvey Quality Stamp, that it is a Harveytile manufactured to the most highest standards.

If it doesn’t say Harveytile, it’s not a Harveytile… Look for the Harveytile Quality Stamp!