Thatch Tiles

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Thatch Tiles

Nothing matches the bush feel of thatch. It creates a warm atmosphere and is loved for giving a sense of character inside and outside the home, but ongoing maintenance, re-thatching, fire, and lightning risk reduces the charm of natural thatch.

Harvey Thatch solves all these natural thatch roof problems by retaining the African look you love without the inherent drawbacks. Whether it’s a new roof or re-roof, Harvey Thatch is installed over a layer of natural thatch so you still enjoy the charm and insulation properties within your home. As a durable, flexible lightweight steel tile, Harvey Thatch provides excellent functional benefits.

Natural Thatch

Know your options and the implications before you begin. Natural thatch requires combing, maintenance and costly repairs. Damage and the decay of natural thatch caused by vermin and birds is unsightly and adds to maintenance costs. The use of Harvey Thatch Tiles also eliminates dust, a common occurrance with natural thatch.

Re-roofing A Thatch Roof

Everything that applies to new thatch roofs apply to re-roofing… and the hassle and disruption inside a home or building is invasive and disruptive for as long as the re-roofing process lasts. Re-roofing using Harvey Thatch is hassle-free as the existing thatch is left intact ensuring no disruption to the interior of the building, and retaining the natural warmth.